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Application for a social initiative to rescue and adopt pets in Italy

Mujer Con Dos Perros Sonriendo

Project Goals

Searching for a pet on the Internet on public and/or private facility sites is not an easy experience. Through search engines, the most relevant results are often outdated, obsolete and difficult to consult.

This is why we are looking for a solution to allow all those interested in adopting a dog or cat, from public and/or private facilities, to do it easily, quickly and filtering according to geographic area and ideal characteristics, free of charge and constantly updated.


In response to the complexities and challenges faced by both animal shelters and those seeking a pet, we have conceived an innovative solution: a pioneering portal designed to map and bring together animals available in local shelters. Our platform offers a unique adoption experience, simplifying the process and facilitating the connection between people and their future companions.

Not only do we simplify the task of finding a suitable pet, but we also build a supportive community around this project, where people committed to animal welfare can join and collaborate to keep this nonprofit initiative active.

Tech stack

  • OctoberCMS
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap4
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