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Book and Go – App

Development of a system for restaurant reservations, intuitive and fast. Designed with the aim of getting restaurants to have more online reservations, in less time and with maximum efficiency. Everything is managed from an App, simple to configure and easy to use.

client side

System solution

These are the functionalities of the Application, for the user who makes a reservation.
Choose what to book?

Lunch, dinner, aperitif and brunch.

Amount of people

select the number of diners

Date, time and location

Choose the date, time, and indoor/outdoor table preference.

Check in

Enter: name, surname, telephone and email address.


Once the reservation is sent, the user will see a summary of the information provided and will receive it by email.

Restaurants receive reservations and manage them from your smartphone

Designed to be used from any type of device on the Web, without installing any application and the restaurant owner can easily manage from the Mobile App on Android or iOS.

Table management

Quickly change the configuration of the tables, specifying the minimum and maximum capacity of each seat as well as the internal or external position.

Notifications and Alerts

The app can be used by multiple devices simultaneously, activity is always in sync, and you receive booking notifications in real time.

Manual Addition

You can manually enter reservations from other channels by updating system availability in real time.

Summary of Reservations

View all reservations for the day and quickly check which tables and how many seats are available for each service time.

More Options when booking

Do you want more customer information when making the reservation? You can add options for your clients such as: food allergies, green pass required (…)

Automate processes

Choose if you want the system to automatically accept reservations until all available tables are used up.